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EaterWire: A60 Reopens For The Season & More!

SOHO—A60, the fantastic rooftop deck of luxury hotel 60 Thompson, opens May 15th. Of course, to keep the unwashed masses out, access is restricted to those with VIP cards. [EaterWire]

2007_03_theInn%20small.jpgMEATPACKING—"Canadian" restaurant and bar The InnLW12 is rolling out English breakfast and brunch service this weekend from 11am to 4pm. For some inexplicable reason, they're tying this development to the 400 year anniversary of The King James 1 settlement of Jamestown, Virginia. Your guess is as good as ours. [EaterWire]

CENTRAL VILLAGE—Was taquería Pio Maya noted as shuttered prematurely? According to Chowhounders, the space is temporarily closed down for renovations (prompted by a DOH closure?). Apparently, some "faux-marble tiles" have been laid, who knows what other decorative wonders are in store. [Chowhound]