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Greatest Show on Earth Alert: Waiter Aggression Relief

We don't really run event listings in these parts, as you know. Tonight, however, there is an event for which we must make an exception. W.A.R., aka Waiter Aggression Relief is taking place from 10:30 PM to 2 PM at Via Della Pace in the East Village. What exactly is Waiter Aggression Relief, other than the most passive aggressively named event of all time? It is, in fact:

-A place to vent your frustrations about the restaurant industry.

-A place to express your creative outlets to a supportive audience.

-A place to meet like-minded people and network new contacts.
W.A.R. is a place where service industry people (or anyone for that
matter) can come and share their stories about restaurants. You can
act out a situation or just tell everyone about it.

Note that all are welcome, not just service industry workers. So, in theory this works both ways—and the event culminates in a massive server-customer cage match and everyone spits in everyone's drinks.
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