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Plywood Special: Donna da Vine Garden

Boerum Hill: By special Plywood engagement, we bring you the future site of Donna da Vine, a backyard garden wine bar currently being built at 378 Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill. We'll believe it when we see it, too, but here's what's promised, per the PR materials already generated:

Owned by former Wall Streeter Alyssa Becker, Donna da Vine’s backyard is currently being groomed for its inaugural spring garden, and away from Atlantic Ave traffic, no less. Alyssa is working on making the highly coveted outdoor space a great destination to sip wines and nibble on house-made snacks. Additionally, its location in Boerum Hill makes it a great alternative to Gowanus Yacht Club, Trout, and the other hipster havens for outdoor drinking. Donna da Vine’s garden will feature fresh herbs and produce; banquets will surround the perimeter of the space, and there will be additional seating down the middle.
Projected opening for the garden (the inside is already open): 4/20.


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