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Launches & Releases: Works OpenTable So You Don't Have To

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For real Resy hunters, OpenTable has long been a semi-secret weapon. It's fairly common knowklege, for example, that the online service is the only non-VIP way to get a table at Normas—in fact you can often secure a table at any time you wish by booking any table and noting the time of day at which you'd like to brunch in the special instructions. Or, as the Walll Street Journal pointed out last week, if you time the page refreshes right they can get you a table at The French Laundry. Now, adding to the usefulness of OpenTable, potentially, is Table Stalker, which crawls OpenTable for you, via Dapper, based on a request you submit at Table Stalker. The premise: tell them when you want to eat and where and as soon as that resy becomes available -- if it becomes available -- you'll get an email to that effect. The service is very young and development is still in progress, and, of course, it's limited to those venues on the OpenTable service, but in this age of resy scalpers and vip numbers, it does have a certain democratic, web meta-genius to it.
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