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Hangover Observations: Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2007

Last night was Food & Wine's annual party to celebrate their Best New Chefs announcement. This year the party was at 7 World Trade Center on the 52nd Floor. As far as these things go, it tends to attract most people you've ever heard of in the New York food and drink world. Eater was there, traipsed about, drank aggressively (as did everyone else, let's just be clear), got Sam Talbot's business card, learned that Dana Cowin will be instituting certain word-bans on Mouthing Off, and so much more. Here's the takeaway:

1) F&W head honcho Dana Cowin likes Haagen Dazs ice cream. The ice cream bars, especially.

2) Views from the 52nd floor of 7 WTC: stunning. Chances that the venue would pass a Department of Health inspection: zero. Elevator lighting, especially on the way down: absolutely crushing.

3) Present and accounted for: Everyone who has ever been on an episode of Top Chef; The Gentlemen Restaurateurs of the West Village (Friedman, Campanaro, Stulman, Dieterle, Price); Drew; Guest Chefs Michael Anthony, Dave Chang, Daniel Humm, Chris Lee; at least 250 Sam Talbot groupies; Morimoto; The Restaurant Girl; The Ladies of Daily Candy; Anyone who has ever cooked with foam, save for Adria.

4) The secret ingredient was foam. Also, pork buns.

5) Gail Simmons, even with a cold, tends to upstage whomever she's talking to. Quite something.

6) Telegram to Dave Chang: the best way to cure a hangover is to drink back in.

7) Consensus: Frank Bruni is coming into his own, but had no business reviewing Four Seasons. Next up: '21' Club, Rao's and Il Mulino.

8) The post-party location, Les Halles Downtown, was two blocks too far away, per the stiletto-wearing ladies of the group. That said, nothing washes away four hours of Macallan-drinking like a steak frites.

9) The post-post party location was Spotted Pig. F&W senior editor, and Best New Chefs curator, Kate Krader last seen: en route.

10) Mouthing Off, F&W's editor blog, as of 12:08 PM the next day: INACTIVE.