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Top Chef-er Talbot to Open on LES By Summer

LOWER EAST SIDETop Chef 2 non-winner -- but definitely the top hipster chef on the show -- Sam Talbot will be opening Spitzer's Corner (shown above in all its inconcievably glorious plywood glory), a beer/burger concept of indeterminate type by "summer", this just in on the EaterWire. If our intel is correct, Talbot will be teaming with the Fat Baby cabal on the space at 101 Rivington Street, formerly the home of Spitzer's Dress Shop (nice naming touch, Sam Effen Talbot). One hiccup to note, it seems that Talbot may not have his SLA paperwork in order, if this notice of auto-rejection based on locale is any indication. But no need to panic yet. If the combo of the Fat Baby dudes and a bonafide reality TV star can't get the job done with the SLA, what will this world have come to? Next up, Talbot re-applies for a beer and wine license, insists the place is a restaurant, and, because this is the LES where you go big or go home, will get his paperwork in order. Previous Plywood coverage is here. Bracing begins now. [EaterWire]

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