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To Catch a Critic: Frank Bruni Wanted Dead or Alive

There's a new Frank Bruni poster circulating, and, via an intrepid camera phone snapper, here she is. We're told this poster is in several of the top kitchens in the city; in fact, this particular copy of it hangs in one of the city's most blue chip eateries. The text reads:


Watch out for these names!!!

Frank Bruni and his dining companions have used these names and phone numbers. If you see any of these names (they are denoted on Open Table with Asterisks) please play along as though he is not in our database...we do not want him to think we are on to him.


As compared to the last Bruni poster this one sports quite a bit more intel—and what seems to be a more current photo. Innovation is afoot, friends. Although the dead or alive thing is a tad belligerent.
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