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Gael Greene Getting a Blog, Launching

Gael Greene, legendary restaurant critic and bedder of Elvis, is about to get a web presence of her own. She's preparing to launch Insatiable Critic, which is to have features including Bite, her blog; an article archive, complete with material dating back to the 1970s, not previously available online; and an Ask Gael area, where she'll take and answer reader inquiries. As Gael described the site to us: "Bite will be my journal about what I eat, what I love or hate in restaurants, heroes and demons, great eating discoveries of the week. There will be gossip too if I can beat the bloggers or add to what they're saying, plus lists of favorites, spinning out weekly: Where I Really Lunch, Restaurants for Penny Pinchers, Where we go for Steak. etc." Pending delays and such, the site is slated to go live a week from today, on 5/7.
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