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GrillGate at Gowanus Yacht Club Opening Weekend

This weekend saw one of the true rites of spring in New York City—the first weekend of the season for the Gowanus Yacht Club on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. When Eater operatives rolled in Saturday night, however, they were met with a cruel surprise—the outdoor grill that has served up burgers, sausage, and grilled hotdogs has been deep-sixed, replaced with a simple wooden counter (above right). Apparently, neighbors on the street, vexed by noise and odors, discovered the grill was illegally installed and successfully petitioned to have it removed during the offseason. The venue had no choice but to cooperate. For now, as the season dawns, the GYC is serving up (boiled) hot dogs only—a fine treat, to be sure, but not the menu of yore we'd come to expect.

Small upsides: a fancier beer list this season, and an ever-so-slightly upgraded bathroom area. Still, once news of GrillGate spreads, can street protests from angry GYC patrons be far behind?

Gowanus Yacht Club

323 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 Visit Website

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