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Launches & Releases: DBTH, Chefboy, Applesauce

Nothing like some new blogger blood to ease the daily grind. Today, we welcome three young'uns to the dance floor.

1) Down by the Hipster: DBTH has had his Blogger account fired up since late February and has made an impressive early showing of intel. They had the early word on the Bowery Hotel, Greenwich Hotel details, and more. Though written anonymously, and likely done as a collective of some sort, it's pretty clear that DBTH's ties are to the East Village. Perhaps one of the team lives on St. Marks, say. For good early, if intermittently reliable, early intel on hotels and nightlife, click on over. [Down By the Hipster]

2) Chefboy: A newbie to the online reviewer set, Chefboy is a blog of mostly restaurant reviews, with smaller sections devoted to wine picks, and food industry observations and tracking. Though very new and still as likely to persevere as to shut down in the coming weeks and months, Chefboy is writing online reviews as they should be written—loose, anecdotal and strewn with pictures. He's also, like Eat for Victory, on the help wanted beat and, as mentioned, recommending wines (we'll make the disclosure for him: he works at a wine distributor). [Chefboy]

3) Applesauce: If the Hipster's beat is the East Village, Applesauce, also born in 2007, is big on the West Village. A January post flagged the Seventh Avenue South tapas wars and she's still mostly in and around that nabe. Obligatory blogger opinion on Morandi is here; note her standbys as well. The blog is written un-anonymously by Kelly Dobkin, who's paying the bills with writing gigs at Time Out and elsewhere. [Applesauce]

Launched a blog and have it ready for primetime? Let's see it.