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Tailor Making: Mason Readying for Primetime Ever So Quietly

Sam Mason is no fool. He knows the second his doors open at Tailor critics, professional and amateur alike, are going to storm the joint. Reviews will be written, literally, overnight. He had better be ready, and better not say he's open until he's ready. But what if he's a lot closer to opening than he wants anyone to know. What if The Launch is his way of throwing the masses off the scent? What if he's leaving up the plywood just a little longer to fool us?

Verbiage on the timing of the opening has gone from "at the end of February or beginning of March" to " coming together." We're inclined to believe some of this is genuine-delay-based, but not all. Observe:

1/11/07: Floors are almost done, walls done, menu brainstorming in progress. Plus, "The kitchen staff is done for right now, until we get to phase two, when we really open."

3/22/07 : Mason hires his kitchen staff, which is, per above, a sign that they're getting very close. But just how close?

As our resident proprietor Mr. Tigertt points out, there are also some important official milestones to consider:

1) Do they have their “blue card” from Con-ed,final sign-offs for gas? No? Add three months.

2) Do they have the signed Liquor License in their hands? No? Add one to three months.

3) Do they have their Certificate of Occupancy from the building department? No? Add two months.

4) Have they run out of money? Yes? Add two months to raise more cash.

The above issues can be dealt with concurrently, if they have a good expediter. The menu, employee manual, napkin design, cocktail list, even the entire front of house staff can be thrown together in under a week. Everything else is a smokescreen.
With regard to items 1-3, we understand that the paperwork is pending. As for #4, they're not out of money. So we'll leave it as follows: Maybe Mason is being honest about his timeline, maybe he's not. If you want to be on the front edge of this opening, do not wait for the official signs. The safe money has Tailor opening by mid month.

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