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EaterWire AM Edition: BLT Market, Ballfields, Postponed

MIDTOWN WEST—Restaurant Girl has it that Laurent Tourendel's restaurant planned for the Ritz on CPS is now delayed until August: "While the signage teases a spring awakening for BLT Market at The Ritz Carlton, all signs point to NO. Laurent Tourendel's newest stint, a greenmarket homage, has been pushed back to late August." The good news: outdoor seating has been added to the plan. [RG]

RED HOOK—Porkchop Express, who has been all up in this for weeks, reports additional delays at the Redhook Ballfields. The fields had initially been slated to open April 28th, but now, not so much: "[A]dministrative issues beyond our control have forced us to push this date to May 5th...We are very excited to set-up shop (or rather... shacks!) and begin our season as soon as possible." [Porkchop Express]