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Deathwatch Ruminating: How and When to Pronouce Jovia Dead

Here now, one of the great Deathwatch ruminations of all time, courtesy of one of you fine fine people:

Can you please clarify your meaning of "death" in respect to your deathwatch list? I mean, in this modern world with advanced resuscitation techniques and artificial means of staying alive, do we need a philosopher to answer to this? I am thinking of Jovia. I was thinking that it'll be sad day when Jovia finally succumbs to the inevitable. I, for one, will miss the antics of Stephen Loffredo and his band of merry investors. But alas, there is life after death, or is there? Jovia will be given a new name (Zoe Townhouse), a new makeover and a new chef. However, you won't be meeting the new boss; Mr. Loffredo and his merry investors will remain. So, when the name change and other changes take place, do we declare Jovia dead or do we just say it kind of morphed? The latter would seem anticlimactic. While some of your readers may consider this trivial and a matter of semantics, in my very humble opinion this matter must be clarified if Eater's Deathwatch is to achieve respectability.

Oh, can we cut through the chase and just put Zoe Townhouse on deathwatch now? An Eater first.... a restaurant on deathwatch before it opens its doors.
The answer here is, of course, Jovia dies with the rename (see also, 66). One can refer to Chapter 8, Sub-paragraph C13 of the Deathwatch Guidelines Manual (New York edition) to confirm. Also, while no formal guidelines prevents us from Deathwatching Zoe Townhouse now, it does seem a tad soon.
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