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Momofuku III: MomoKabob, MomoTea, MomoFugu

You've said MomoKabab, MomoTea, even MomoFugu. We love it, maybe the Chang will, too. Following up on our query on what Mr. David Chang should open, if he were to have a new venue in the works, here now some more of your suggestions:

Reader, Tribeca: "A cart in Washington square that serves season pickle plates with rice, maybe some pork buns or something and diet rite in glass bottles."

Jason Perlow: "I would like to see David do a restaurant based on his interpretations of regional Japanese street food, such as Takoyaki (Octopus fritters) and Okonomiyaki (the Japanese analogue to the pizza). And his take on Korean Fried Chicken. Momofukinchikun. A place you could waltz into at any hour of the night and eat things (preferably stuff that is very bad for you) that taste better accompanied by motor impairment that is alcohol or cannibis-induced, such as the like to attract Celebrity Chef-cum-former-heroin-addicts.

Reader, West Chelsea: "Chang should definitely do a raucous full-on Asian gastropup. Somewhere on the West side would spread the love around, even though in the past he disclosed wanting to make First Ave his own little like-minded chef colony. Seriously, full bar with bar menu, seats, wait service, same kick-a** music - essentially a place to go out drinking and eat stupidly good food in a place with more ambience that his current joints. He'd knock it out of the park."

Jennifer: "I'd like to see what David could do for breakfast. He's already charming us with buttery grits, deep-fried eggs with asparagus, and bacon out the wazoo. If only he would serve it in the a.m. (you know, the one after you wake up, not before). And maybe he could throw an egg into one of those pork buns for a delicious breakfast sandwich? Couldn't our mornings get a lot better with a little more Chang?"

Reader: "I think a restaurant with multiple choices of tasting menus would be a great progression from the small plates at ssam bar, which itself has blossomed into a more elevated noodle bar. One of the most enjoyable things about eating at a David Chang restaurant is that you're seemingly allowed free reign over the menu but the dishes themselves are so well orchestrated. Having a choice of several tasting menus would present a variety of visions each with their own purposes. It would be interesting to see Chang create multiple canvases."

eGullet Member: "My submission is Momofuku BBQ Las Vegas: The 6000 sq ft space will featuring customized all you can eat king sized Ssam stations with ingredients like foie gras, caviar and lobster and Artisanal Bershire pork of various origins and age. Noodle Bowls a la Craft where you can compose your own noodle bowl with market grown ingredients flown in from various parts of the country and farms that no one in Vegas will have heard of, or care. Late Night high rollers menu will have small plates that can be delivered to your gambling machine, table or room. Momofuku Atlantic City will soon follow."

Reader: The most successful attempt I know to date is Bu San in LA. Exactly. Chang should open a hwe bar.
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And what say you? Got an idea for David Chang's #3? Step into our office.