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Curious Case of The Brooklyn Inn: Magic Act on Tap?

[The Brooklyn Inn on the corner of Bergen/Hoyt, courtesy the Kalina Archive]

Continuing the recently epic quest to figure out just what exactly is going to become of Boerum Hill neighborhood landmark bar The Brooklyn Inn when it changes hands shortly, two emails from the Eater Inbox, presented in ascending order of importance:

1) "With regards to your anonymous tipster about the Brooklyn Inn: sounds like he may have a math problem. I frequent the Brooklyn Inn and spend $6 on a beer but I generally have a lot more than one; If it's a bistro (one I would never frequent), 1 omelette is about all I would have, particularly at the not-very-accurate-smith-street price of $14. Coupled with the fact that if it were to become a bistro, it would have to compete with such Smith Street greats as Grocery, Saul, Chestnut, etc. The point I'm making is, all this rumor is based on some anonymous guy's agenda. What is it? How is he so definite? Why can he not reveal 'the friend''s role in all of this if he has such definite insider information?"

2) Here today's doozy: "The owners of the Tile Bar(s) [aka WXOU Radio/WCOU Radio] and the Magician are taking over the Brooklyn Inn. They're getting rid of the pool table and putting more tables in, but other than that it shouldn't change too much (some staff turnover, maybe different beers/specials/prices). We were at the Tile Bar in 1st Ave. last night and asked the bartender there and she confirmed this to be true."

More reports from bartenders, owners, 'friends' and the like welcome to the tipline. We'll get to the bottom of this together, friends.
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· Curious Case of the Brooklyn Inn [~E~]

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