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The Curious Case of The Brooklyn Inn

And now, The Brooklyn Inn. Close readers may recall that a few weeks back, Eater ran a rumor in EaterWire that read as follows: "i just heard (from a good friend) that the brooklyn inn is closing and the space being turned into a bistro. how has this info flown under the radar?"

To some, the closing of a neighborhood bar wouldn't mean much. But The Brooklyn Inn, like Chumley's, has that certain kind of following. The kind of following that, in the weeks after the posting of said rumor, had many Boerum Hill-based Friends of Eater asking us if the news was on the level. Could even possibly, conceivably be on the level.

Today, nostalgia blogger Lost City checks in with more definitive word about the future of the Inn. And the news ain't pretty—though it isn't suicide-inducing, either.

Per Lost City:

Turns out there's more to the story than a simple closure. The bartendress told me the tavern is not closing, but is changing hands. What's not clear is if the new owners plan to keep the Brooklyn Inn the Brooklyn Inn, or keep it going as a bar under a different name, or convert the whole thing into a different business, such as a bistro. (Ugh.) The woman also said the two owners are trying to make sure the bar isn't closed for the period of time during the handover. It's all pretty murky.
In other words, Level 3 alert. Closing color, also courtesy Lost City: "The place feels like what it is, a bar, and would be ill-served by repurposing. The scene last night was heartening in its lack of pretense. Thirty-something and Forty-something Brooklyn schlubs being Brooklyn schlubs. One young couple getting to know each other better over several beers. A guy in the back room trying to impress a leggy blonde with his pool prowess. Guys regularly going out to smoke on the corner. Some musicians piling their instruments in the corner and grabbing a drink after a local gig. These guys don't need another hot brunch place on Sundays."
· Brooklyn Inn Update [Lost City]
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