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Flo Fab Allowing Magrino to Pen Her Own Off The Menu Items?

Exactly how strong is the Florence Fabricant-Susan Magrino bond? Pretty damn strong, if unfettered access to the Dining section's Off the Menu column is any gauge. Regarding the in-the-works relocation of Alain Ducasse's NY flagship, from today's edition of Flo Fab:

ADOUR Alain Ducasse’s new restaurant, to open in late summer in the former Lespinasse in the St. Regis hotel, will be named after a river in southwest France near the chef’s birthplace. Conveniently, his initials are also reflected in the name.
If you know of another PR company for whom Flo would run the announcement of the venue's name (the opening date of 'late summer' is considered to be both well-known and extremely shaky, at best), we'd love to know about it. Let's say that again, together. "Conveniently, his initials are also reflected in the name." Also conveniently, and not nearly as ridiculous an observation, Flo doesn't mention that the name change is yet another indication that this venue will bear almost no resemblance to ADNY, despite all earlier claims by the Ducasse camp.
· Off the Menu: Adour [NYT]