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Momofuku III: Call for Entries

The David Chang, people. Mr. Momofuku Ssam Bar, Mr. Momofuku Noodle Bar. Mr. Two stars for a place that doesn't even serve coffee. He's going to open a new place eventually, probably, let's just say, sooner rather than later. He could clone either of his two current restaurants or open a branch of the U.S. Mint in the form of a ssam joint in midtown. He could even open a burger joint -- MomoBurger? -- if he wanted to.

Let's suppose for a moment you got to design his next venue. What would it be?

UPDATE: Reader submissions!

1) "Extending the Momofuku empire -- it's hard not to think about it when you're chomping on a Momofuku Ssam , or a Momofuku Ramen, or something from the Spring Menu (Have you had those deep fried eggs? On top of the Asparagus? Mind-blowing!). Both Ssam Bar and Noodle Bar began as brilliant inversions of more familiar restaurant types, and quickly morphed, according to demand (at least I like to think so), into tiny havens of impeccable taste. Chang could go further in this direction (MomoSushi, MomoKabob, MomoBurger, MomoTapas, etc.), or he could make all other lowly chefs bow to his intense vision -- he could open the most Chang-like restaurant possible. Straight-up Momofuku, without the encumbrance of the "Noodle Bar" or "Ssam Bar" appellations is what I would really love to see. A pure vision would be extremely successful, and if it had to make any concessions at all, it might actually want to give "fine dining" a shot (in terms of reservations, more comfortable seating, *gasp* coffee and desert, etc.), but wouldn't really need to in order to create the "US Mint" you referred to. Even less consistency, even more surprisingly deep-fried things, more seasonal mind-blowers, that's what Chang should do next. You would go there because you trust him, you know he wouldn't steer you wrong. And if he did, you could always go comfort yourself with a Momofuku Ramen or some steamed buns. They're open late."

2) "We've said it before, and we'll say it again... Ssam/Bahn Mi Cart in Midtown. The opening would be a Midtown Lunch of epic proportions." --Zach

3) "definitely some sort of BBQ place featuring all parts of the animals. gotta love head and offals!"

4) "i think i would have to request asian bbq. chinese pork, korean short rib and japanese tartar (ok so it's raw but yknow..) yum. he'd come up with great sides, relishes, sauces etc. drool."

5) "It would be a Cheetah like brothel called Momof*cku...sorry too tempting, you're probably getting a thousand of these."

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