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Page Six False Alarm: Boucher, Goldcrest Not New MePa Eateries

Now and then, Page Six can be an excellent place to find out about new venues. Bold-faced names tend to like to eat at very new places from time to time, especially those that are trying to fly below the mainstream radar. And said places occasionally get name dropped in the gossip column of record. Today, a close read of today's column sparked interest in two allegedly new venues, Boucher and Goldcrest Post:

RESTAURANT impresario Keith McNally is still on the Gansevoort Hotel warpath. He's papering the Meatpacking District to protest the two 75-foot billboards on the hotel's side. McNally's posters read, "Shame on the Hotel Gansevoort" and were plastered the other day in windows of nearby eateries including his own Pastis, Boucher, 5 Ninth and Goldcrest Post. "These billboards are a reflection of the hotel owner's greed and blatant disrespect for the neighborhood and the people who live in it," McNally told Page Six.
Everyone stay calm. Turns out Boucher is a jewelry store and Goldcrest Post, though a great name for a restaurant, indeed, is a video post-production facility. Two facts we thought you might want to know.

As for the underlying item, regarding McNally and the Meatboard: Keith, we're ready with whatever help you need, guy. Just say the word.
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