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Good News/Bad News: Landmarc [TWC]

Unbelievably (not really), there are already quite a few Landmarc TWC reviews posted online. At one week old, Landmarc is certainly being put through its paces aggressively. Landmarc will make it in the end, but for now, there's good news and bad news. Brace.

1) Good News: "At lunch and dinner, Landmarc’s virtues will shine. The menu is a mixture of French, Italian, New American, and steakhouse favorites, but not overly long, and focused on items where the kitchen excels. A few of the items, like the roasted marrow bones and goat cheese profiteroles, are already classics, as are the desserts at $3 apiece. There’s also the acclaimed wine program, with prices only slightly above retail, and an ample selection of half-bottles." [NY Journal]

2) Bad News: "Went to Landmarc TWC on Friday night. Verdict: has potential but like any newly-opened restaurant still needs to work out the kinks. Lighting is entirely too bright. Neither the bartender nor our waitress was helpful with wine suggestions. We were surprised not to be offered consultation with a sommelier. Our entrees came out less than 10 minutes after we ordered, which was disconcerting. The bar area has the best ambience. Unfortunately, the main dining room is flooded with fluorescent lighting from the mall. Suggestion: hang a curtain or somehow cover the glass wall so diners can at least pretend they’re not at a food court. [Eater Inbox]

3) Bad News: "I didn’t bother telling my server my issue with the unfilled profiterole since I have been ignored for over ten minutes after I finished my appetizers. By the time she came back to my table, she asked if I wanted anything else. I requested dessert, the “one of everything.” As I waited, the table across from mine had the same and a large mound of cotton candy on the side. Same goes to the party sitting behind me. To my disappointment, I was not served the cotton candy. [The Wandering Eater]