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Plywood Report: Blue Ribbon Alum in Park Slope, Conopizza, &c.

More ply? Yes, more ply. Get reading.

1) Park Slope: Get a load of this: "A pair of brothers, one a long-time employee of Blue Ribbon, are opening a place in Park Slope on 5th ave between 15th and 16th. A modest wine list, beer selection, and a menu that I believe will be based on comfort food, with a lot of seasonal specials. They plan on being open late, and if they’re open past 10, I think that will make them the only thing besides tacos and pizza open that late south of 9th street." [PLYWOOD]

2) Waterside Plaza/East 20s: To the inbox: "I'm a resident at Waterside Plaza (east 20's, by the FDR). Construction is finishing up on a bar/grill here on the plaza that I hear is going to be called H20. Any info on who is behind the place and whether or not we all have something to look forward to when it opens?" [PLYWOOD]

2007_04_cono.jpg3) New York City: Rounding out the Ply today is a wild card entry, Conopizza. First, let's find out, per official materials, what Conopizza is. "Like all great innovations, Conopizza is shockingly simple. Conopizza is just what it’s called: a 6-inch-tall cone, created from a special, proprietary dough recipe that is crispy when baked and comes complete with a “drip-free” bottom. A Conopizza can be filled with almost any type of pizza, enabling consumers to eat their favorite pizza with one hand, wherever they may be or what they may be doing. " Impossibly, it gets better. They're coming: "Conopizza will be available to consumers in several outlets beginning with a first site in Los Angeles and several in New York City. It will accommodate both in-stores dining and takeout." Just imagine. Who knew you'd be born into such a Utopian world, friends. [PRE-PRE-PLYWOOD]

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