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Good News/Bad News: Fette Sau

Barbecue joint du jour Fette Sau just ran through its first public weekend (they opened last Wednesday). Crowds were massive, hype was big (DailyCandy treatment here), anticipation was high. They ran out of food on Saturday. That notwithstanding, how's the place doing? Depends on who you ask. Coming up right now, we've got the good news and the bad news on Fette Sau, days 1-5.


1) Good News: "I fell instantly in love with the baby back ribs and the sausages. There are many other cuts to choose from, and sides. There was no mac n cheese, but there are terrific baked beans. I will try other sides on subsequent visits. Very, very, very few vegetarian options, if any: there were large, juicy chunks of pork in the beans. Nice selection of craft brews, and sauces to add on to the meats. Definitely worth a visit." [Chowhound]

2) Bad News: "Tonight I had a horrible experience at Fettte Sau, and I never want anyone else on this board to experience what I went though. My friend and I got in line for food at 9pm, it was a long line, but we were ready to wait. An half an hour later or so after waiting we got close enough to the serving area and noticed there was no food, so I asked the person behind the counter if there was any food left, their response was "No dude ha-ha, its all gone." After waiting in line for over 30 minutes this isn't the correct response, I told the the server if the are running out of food then they need to let the people in line know they are running out either some one could let the line know or erase the items off the chalkboard. Before I was able to let my opinions be known a guy was in my face letting me know my opinions are not appreciated and cursing at me. I found out that the person in my face was Andy, the manager." [Eater Inbox; Banned on Chowhound]

3) Good News: "Fette Sau...reminded me of a fish joint that my family used to go to in our beach house town before my parents remembered that they weren't obese white Philadelphians like the rest of the patrons, or something. Anyway, I loved the fish place. We could buy creamy macaroni and cheese and baked beans by the pound. By the pound is exactly how Fette Sau (fatty sow? that's what a horrendous husband--I can't even say it) sells their food. [Red Admirable]

4) Bad News: "Despite their tastiness, brisket and pork belly were so fatty that it was hard to eat. (And I like myself some fat.) Might be that w/ belly there's not much to do about the fat. (Although I feel like I've had belly dishes at restaurants that weren't as fat-laden as this.) I know from eating in TX and elsewhere that you can get brisket that's leaner and can still come out tender and great. As a point of comparison the FS brisket made Katz's fat pastrami feel like a diet plate." [Chowhound]

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