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EaterWire: The DOH Heads To Brooklyn & More!

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Reports of DOH shutterings continue to pour in from readers, as we learn that the carnage extends into Brooklyn. From Brooklyn Heights, a tipster sends in an image (above) of the temporarily-shuttered Haagen-Daz store on Montague Street, "Well...My beloved ice cream shop in Brooklyn Heights has been a victim of the DOH bug...So Scary for I have been eating there for many years..." Well, it's surely a victim of some type of bug. [EaterWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE—The recently DOHed 12 Chairs has reopened, reports a reader. "As of friday eve 12 chairs was reopened-nice to see I must admit." Turnaround time: one day. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—DOH shutdowns continue apace in the West Village. A tipster writes, "local thai standby Kobma Thai on the corner of Hudson and 12th Street has the DOH signs in the window. not that surprising - it always had a slightly grungy feel, and I don't mean in the pearl jam flannel plaid sort of way. and the food has nothing on nearby toons which thankfully has thus far escaped the DOH hatchet. but alas i mourn the passing of hunan pan - definitely the best chinese by a country mile in the west village." [EaterWire Inbox]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Brooklyn Heights Blog reported yesterday that New American restaurant Jack the Horse Tavern is now serving brunch. Hopefully, the post isn't some sort of lame April Fool's Day prank, since the neighborhood could use another good brunch spot. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

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