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Dish: Fr.Og, P*ONG, Revel, Pistahan, Tiffin Wallah, Roasting Plant

1) Fr.Og: This weekend, the long-awaited restaurant Fr.Og from chef Didier Virot (formerly of the UWS' Aix) opens for friends-and-family-type previews; regular folk can stop by on Tuesday for their grand opening. The menu is predominantly French (hence the name, which stands for France Origine) but will also dabble in the cuisines of Morocco, Lebanon and Vietnam—one can only hope for a Virot-style banh mi (alas, the menu hasn't made it online yet). The restaurant is situated directly across the street from Balthazar; perhaps Fr.Og will benefit from their overflow. (71 Spring St between Crosby and Lafayette Sts, (212) 966-5050). [Eater Staff]

2) P*ONG: As of yesterday, sweet/savory dessert spot P*ONG, from pastry chef Pichet Ong, is open. A peek at the cuisine, courtesy of buddha drinks fanta: shrimp ceviche with mango sorbet and whipped cachaca and the amazing-looking spicy wagyu beef carpaccio. (150 W 10th St at Waverly Pl, (212) 929-0898). [buddha drinks fanta]

3) Revel: Yes, the Meatpacking bar at 10 Little West 12th St that once was nameless now has a name: Revel. Also, the place is finally with publicist, as everyone is now talking about the menu they've been sporting for the last six months. Said menu, as long as we're on the subject is Mediterranean-ish, with dishes like sauteed calamari cake with artichokes and spaghetti with whole lobster and cherry tomatoes. (10 Little West 12th St between Ninth Ave and Washington St, (212) 645-5369). [Eater Staff]

4) Pistahan: This week, Flo Fab breaks the news of recently opened Filipino steam-counter Pistaha. It's "a friendly newcomer," she states. They're serving grub like kalderetang (beef in brown sauce) and binagoongan (vegetables in a thick sauce [ed. note: what type of thick sauce, FF?] for $5 a pint. (229 First Ave at 14th St, (212) 228-9000). [NY Times]

5) Tiffin Wallah: Another Indian restaurant opening on Curry Hill isn't very exciting, but Rob and Robin work hard to make it seem so: They tell us all about tiffin wallahs, the delivery boys of India, and mention that the eatery has "bright, modern décor and a selection of thalis, chats, dosas, and curries all priced at a dollar discount from Chennai Garden." (127 E 28th St nr Lexington Ave (212) 685-7301). [NY Mag]

6) Roasting Plant: Indeed, the duo seems much more excited about the Lower East Side's newest coffee stop Roasting Plant. The cafe features cutting-edge bean technology, such as a special, "custom-modified super-automated Egro espresso machine." (81 Orchard St between Broome and Grand Sts, (212) 775-7755). [Rob and Robin for Cutlets]