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Utahtastic: The Mechanical Bull Cometh


Gather round the campfire, ya'll, and let us officially welcome Johnny Utah's, the Tex-Mex extravaganza that'll be opening in our fair city in two short months. What's with all the fuss, you ask? Well, what was rumor just days ago has now been officially confirmed: this "urban cowboy experience" will come complete with a mechanical bull—yes, the very thing that the New York City dining and nightlife scene is currently lacking. Let's hand it over to the folks behind this fine establishment, shall we?

Living the Johnny Utah's experience begins with the food of the vaqueros. These cowboys were the first to come north from Mexico in the sixteenth century, crossing our trails in search of new land to pioneer. They brought the rich and mystic combination of spices and flavors which characterize and retain the real meaning of Southwestern food, an integral part of our American culture. It was a time in which food and drink dictated the mood and voracious appetite of outlaws, gunslingers, cattle barons, and muleskinners. With hearty recipes of our cultural ancestors, we travel to Texas in search of zesty BBQ ribs, to the Arizona desert for savory steak fajitas, and down to sunny Mexico for the real tequila. Just live the adventure, have a seat, and taste the mythic story of the Wild West at Johnny Utah's.
Hear that? LIVE. THE. ADVENTURE. Saddle up, partners, cause we're in for an awesome ride.
· Johnny Utah's [Official Site]
· Coming Soon: Johnny Utah's - The Urban Cowboy Experience [Rockefeller Center Hotel]