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BREAKING: Crifdogs Opening Secret Bar PDT

Are you ready for this one, people? Are you? Fact: You're not.

In about a month's time, a secret bar will open next to Crifdogs on St. Marks place. Owned by Brian Shebairo, who also owns Crif, said bar will be accessible only via a telephone booth armed with a camera and buzzer (Milk & Honey style), located inside Crifdogs. The name of your new obsession: PDT, which stands for Please Don't Tell (oops). In addition to the insane vision of Shebairo, who's got touches as white faux leather-topped bar stools and floor to ceiling mirror tiles in the bathrooms, seasoned barman about town Jim Meehan is consulting on the cocktails, which will range from tap beers to old school cocktails to wines by the glass.

Other details that are going to blow your mind: crifdogs and lobster rolls will be available -- and will be served through a small passe that connects Crif and PDT. Also, there will be taxidermy. Or should we say taxidermy. As for size, it's a couple of bar stools and 4 banquettes, ie. tiny. To review: accessible only via Crif, about a month out, open until 4 am weekends, 2 am weeknights.

You're damn right the Kalina has been dispatched. Krader has more from Meehan.