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Nish Eyeing a Quick Getaway at Varietal?

With this morning's drop of our man Cutlet's New York video debut, we're provided an early look at Wayne Nish in the Varietal kitchen over which he just assumed control (the video is also, to an extent, confirmation that he actually took the gig). But something is slightly awry; something about the video suggests that perhaps Wayne Nish is not 100%, 1000%, fully committed to Varietal. It turns out he's chosen a Wayne Nish edition chef's coat (above right) over one embroidered with the Varietal logo. At left, note Nish predecessor Ed Witt's full and unconditional commitment to the restaurant, in the form of a shiny Varietal chef's coat. Nish's choice is not the end of the world, it's just fashion, of course, but it does raise questions. Namely: Is Nish keeping available the option of a quick exit at Varietal?
· Wayne's World: Varietal 2.0 [Cutlets]
· Varietal []

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