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Morandi Fever: Frank Bruni is Coming (An Eater Survey)

Most every reviewer has been through Morandi by now, except for the dude that matters most, Mr. Frank Bruni. Those who have reviewed have not been kind (see esp. Steve Cuozzo; note exception, a totally delirious Moira Hodgson) and all signs suggest that Bruni may be gearing up for a real bloodletting. But the longer he delays, the better the situation gets for chef Jody Williams and Morandi—as Alan Richman noted, the place is a mess, but is showing serious signs of improvement in the last couple of weeks. If Bruni places his emphasis on more recent meals, the place has a prayer of escaping with its life.

Eater oddsmakers are following this one closely, of course, and have set up a war room for the duration. But while we wait -- up to two weeks, but certainly not more -- we though we'd throw it out to the group as well. Balth has two; Pastis, one. After all we've been though:

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