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Neroni Behind Bars: Absolutely Fingerprinted, Mugs Shots Taken

Before we go any further down the road with Neroni Behind Bars, it should be noted that the situation has been dominated by a conflicting chorus of voices from all sides. Jason Neroni and Marco Rivera's voices have been the loudest here, natch, but we would be remiss not to mention the fact that several folks have also come forward to voice opinions on the brouhaha and it turns out they've been mostly anti-Neroni. With that in mind, let's move on to the latest twist, shall we?

From a source who claims to be inside the 76th precinct:

I can guarantee you that Jason Neroni was indeed arrested, printed & mugshots were in fact taken...

He is going to play on the sympathy of people who always feel the boss is wrong & that he is just a victim. So far everything he and his press/lawyer lackey has said is TOTALLY contradictory to what has indeed happened.

I can tell you he must know someone smart who is helping him spin this. There is NO way that anyone can get a copy of his arrest record or shots because they are not public record & the only person privy to these items are his attorney and the DA who will prosecute him. So there is NO printed proof as of yet.

So the owner at Porchetta cannot produce any records to contradict his story, if the owner proves to be as smart as I hope.. he will NOT drop the charges & will now speak with his Lawyers about a possible Liable/Slander suit...

We checked with a Brooklyn based attorney, who routinely deals with these matters and was able to clarify some of the more murky areas of the situation: "If Neroni was arrested, he was absolutely fingerprinted and photographed. Then, he either sees a judge at court (and is released after posting bail or without bail) or is released from the Precinct -- without the filing of any charges -- with a date to return to court when the charges would be filed. This latter case is called a Desk Appearance Ticket or DAT. When a DAT is issued – there are no records in court. The only records are contained in the Police Department."

So, as it stands now, we know this: his spin doctors are great, he was absolutely, definitely finger printed and photographed, and there is a mid-May court date. And this is turning into the greatest shitshow of all time.
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