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Plywood Beach Edition: Townline BBQ Readying For Summer 2007

We're prepping for the 2007 Beach season in these parts. Leading up to the now-annual relaunch of our Hamptons title on or around May 21st, we'll be bringing you selected bits of East End goodness here and over in the real estate department as well. Go ahead and pretend you just felt an ocean breeze. We'll do the same.


You're looking at the future home of Townline BBQ, the barbecue joint now being constructed in the Sagaponack location that was formerly Allison by the Beach (3593 Townline Road). The space is owned by Mark Smith and Honest Management Company, who operate the massively successful Nick & Toni’s, as well as Rowdy Hall, La Fondita and Villa Italian Specialties. Pitmaster/chef at Townline will be Joe Realmuto. To the PR we go, for what is a mortal lock to be the opening of the season, should it be able to get its act together by Memorial Day:

A comfortable, unpretentious atmosphere will be sensed upon entering, suggesting customers to “leave their titles at the door.” To emphasize the basics of enjoying the “Q” with one’s hands, a hand washing station will hold court in the center of the dining room. As well, to allow ease of taking your leftovers home, a wrapping station will also be present in the dining room. The menu will be hung over the ordering counter on a black chalkboard featuring magnetic letters listing the items...An open kitchen will offer customers the ability to see the pit master working the smoker, while aromas waft into the dining room. Wherever possible at Townline BBQ an effort will be made to keep it “green.” They will be composting and using the compost to supply local farms. From the paper products to the dishwasher, they are committed to being conscious to the environment.

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