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More on Neroni/Porchetta 'irreconcilable differences': Warrant issued for Neroni's Arrest

The story of Jason Neroni leaving his chef post at Porchetta just got a whole lot more interesting. Whereas it seemed somewhat cut-and-dry that Jason Neroni's departure from Porchetta was on his terms, based on 'irreconcilable differences' (on which Eat For Victory got him to elaborate), there is another side to the chef's leaving. Namely, that of Porchetta owner Marco Rivero. Rivero, via email:

We'd like to clarify the circumstances under which Jason Neroni's relationship with Porchetta has ended. Jason was fired for unauthorized misappropriation of funds from the business. A warrant is currently out for his arrest.
On the one hand we can his understand his need to "spin" the story in such a way as to preserve his professional reputation in the face of an embarrassing set of circumstances regarding his termination. On the other hand, there is no justification for his use of invectives and mistruths directed against us in doing so - something that perhaps reflects the same impulsiveness and overall lack of sound judgment behind the grounds for his original termination. To add some substance to an open-ended phrase used by Neroni - the "irreconcilable differences" here were those between the owner of a small business in a highly competitive industry, seeking to provide a livelihood to his employees, a pleasurable dining experience to his customers, and a living for himself and his family, on the one hand, and a self-absorbed chef with very little interest in the long term viability of the business, on the other.

Marco Rivero

Sincerely indeed. Back to Neroni for comment.
Jason Neroni Leaves Porchetta, Cites 'irreconcilable differences'; Pastry Chef Gone Too [~E~]

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