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Yet More on Neroni/Porchetta 'Irreconcilable Differences': 'ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE,' Says Non-Jailed Neroni

Earlier today, we sat in rapt awe as Porchetta owner Marco Rivero informed us and the NYC dining world that there was a warrant out for the arrest of his estranged chef, Jason Neroni. You didn't honestly think that would be the last word, now, did you? Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Mr. Jason Neroni, via urgent cable to Eater:

obviously i was shocked to come home from the time out awards last night to find out that not only was i not the best new chef in new york (congratulations mike anthony!), but i was also a wanted criminal. as of this morning, at least i can say that one of those statements is not true.
after speaking with the police from several precincts and my lawyer, i can say that there is no warrant out for my arrest, nor is there any complaint currently filed against me by marco rivero. more importantly, i want to say that the accusations made against me by mr. rivero are ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. the pastry chef and i gave porchetta manager adam cain a one month notice of our intent to leave the restaurant on tuesday, april 3. on thursday, april 5, mr. rivero not so politely suggested that that day be my last because, in his words, i was "talking shit." there was ABSOLUTELY no criminal behavior on my part or any misappropriation of funds.

on a more personal note, i worked very hard to try to make porchetta a long-term success. as for his question of my interest in the long term viability of the business, when mr. rivero approached me approximately two weeks prior to my notice and told me that he had the intention to sell the restaurant, i put him in touch with a friend who is a commercial real estate broker and i revaluated my commitment to porchetta. my intention was to put this behind us and move forward without malice, gossip or name calling (because, believe me, there are a few i'd like to throw around now).

thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond.

jason neroni

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