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Eater Inside: The InnLW12

[Kalina, 3/6/07.]

This is The InnLW12, a Canadian-inspired gastropub just opened in the Meatpacking District. The principals at this pint-sized blockbuster are Jeffrey Jah, Lyman Carter, chef Andy Bennett, mentoring chef Daniel Boulud and GM David Lopez. Together the team has about 15 centuries worth of food and drink experience, which should make for quite a show at The InnLW12—although you'd think that someone would have spoken up during development to protest adding superscript to the name of the joint.

The menu offers such fare as a Grilled Lamb Burger, Harissa Mayonnaise and Chick Pea Fries ($18) and, per the pr, "fuses the conviviality of a traditional English pub with the understated elegance and sophisticated flavors of French cuisine." As for the space, have a look at the photos (wide shot above; reverse below): the gastropub detailing is primo, if not a hair too perfect.

By way of warning, the crowds are going to be massive in the early going, so you may want to give this one a couple of months to settle down. At least until spring, perhaps, when they fire up the outdoor seating.