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EaterWire: The Coffee Shop DOH-Shuttered, Not Closed For Renovations & More!

UNION SQUARE—Yesterday, we mentioned that Union Square restaurant The Coffee Shop had closed for renovations—information gathered from a call to the establishment. Sadly, it appears as if we were lied to by The Coffee Shop. A tipster writes, "Coffee Shop on Union Sq was closed by the Dept. of Health! They have signs up that say "closed for renovations" but one of the ones on 16th St. has the tell-tale yellow DOH sign underneath. They have papered the windows so you can't see the signs or see inside. "Renovations" to cure them of the DOH complaints, not by choice!!" Another reader writes, "They may have started out the day closed for renovations, but there are now (as of 3:15pm today) yellow DOH sticker signs on all the windows saying it's been closed for health violations." Live and learn. [EaterWire Inbox]

2007_03_Roxy.jpgCHELSEA—Continuing down depressing street, we'd be remiss if we'd didn't mention that 16-year-old West Chelsea gay club Roxy will close for good after tomorrow night. That means no more grinding or Wednesday night roller skating. Chelsea boys: Strip off your shirts and gyrate around one last time for us, you hear? [Towleroad]

Shot of Roxy exterior via OpenAperture