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The Hard Sell: 290 Hudson Street

Once a week, or so, Eater Nightlife Real Estate Guru-in-Residence Steven Kamali will be giving you the online tour of one of his fine properties. As you know, he is the broker of record on many a fine NY nightlife establishment, many of which change hands like clockwork every 36 months. Should you want to buy one of these gems, please be in touch with The Grim Reaper directly; we're not here to make money off of your failed nightlife ventures. Also, take a look at this photo: We dare you to cross him.

2007_01_thehardsell.jpgVenue: Novo, 290 Hudson Street (btw. Spring & Dominick Streets)
Kamali: “It’s about time the Gorgione Empire had some competition in the emerging lifestyle enclave -- that phrase is copyright 2007, Kamali Enterprises Worldwide, by the way -- of Hudson Square.”

Size: 1,800 SF (Ground); 1,350 SF (Basement)
Kamali: “The restaurant has a great open rectangular layout, with HIGH ceilings! Kitchen, Office, Bathrooms & Storage. Plus if I've said it once, I've said it 100 times. It's not a basement; it's a VIP room.”

Rent: $9,785/month
Kamali: “The rent here is on par with the current market. That's all I'll say about that. You want a deal? I've got a great space to show you in Queens.”

Term: 9 years
Kamali: “Nine years. Let's see: Don Hills will finally lose its lease, Sway and Ear Inn will somehow still be open, Glass House will be fully sold. You know what? I'm taking this one for myself.”

Fixture Fee: $375,000
Kamali: “If you think you're getting a full service kitchen and booze license for less, be my guest.”

Comments: Full Service Kitchen, Full Liquor License
Kamali: “It’s an open kitchen facing the dining room, not an ideal setting for someone with allergies, but a good opportunity for a good looking chef with a charming personality to get up close and personal with their clientèle. Also, I'd make a big deal of it, but you know all my properties come with a full liquor license.”

The Hard Sell: “Follow the MONEY crowd -- If they are ready, willing & able to spend over $1,500 a square foot on their real estate, it’s probably a good indication that they will fork over $12 for a cocktail and a $100 for a decent meal. Like I said when we first walked in, you're in a primo up and coming neighborhood here, but one that's already buzzing with activity. Oh, hang on, I've got to take this call: it's the other guy who interested in the space.”

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