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Deathwatching: Buddha Bar

Next month will mark MePa cesspool Buddha Bar's one year anniversary on the Eater Deathwatch. Coincidently, it'll also mark its first birthday in NY. In the last 12 months we've only gotten one update on the place and it was as follows, from a very trusted night-hours correspondent: "You should double-down your Buddha Bar deathwatch. They're now charging $2 for a MANDATORY coat check. Even if you are having dinner there. Somewhere, Danny Meyer is feeling dizzy."

Also dizzying, but in a good way, if you're an Eater Hospice administrator and need the Buddha Bar bed back, the Post reports today that Buddha Bar CEO Jean Yves Haouzi has been dismissed: "One source said Haouzi was "pushed out" because he wasn't pulling in enough revenue to justify his $190,000-a-year salary. "He played backgammon and sat around the club with models," said one spy who noted, "The free lunch is over." The Buddha Bar spokesman scoffed at a rumor that Haouzi will sue the owners for rights to the name: "Yves does not own the name Buddha Bar, and was let go because he lacked the experience and knowledge to take the restaurant to a global level." And by global, said spokesperson means New York. Elapsed time on the 'Watch to date: 46 weeks.
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