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The Shutter: It's a Wrap, Dojo East, Candela, Harlem Grill

Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit... SLAM! Forget the ephemeral health closings, people. This is the real-deal, no-prisoners Shutter.

1) Upper West Side: Tragic news for those planning Central Park Picnics. A reader emails, "It's a Wrap for...well... It's A Wrap. We were very upset to find out today that It's A Wrap closed without any notice! Any ideas on what happened? This warrants a eulogy." A phone call to the venue rang mournfully until we hung up. [Shutter Inbox]

2006_10_dojo.jpg2) East Village: Last fall, the St. Mark's Place edition of cheapeats haven Dojo "closed temporarily" (see previous Shutter photo evidence, right). Looks like the temporary has become permanent. An Eater reader emails, "I walked by a few nights ago and now there's a for-rent sign up in the window. It might have been a little dirty, and the tables were a little wobbly, but where else in the East Village could you get a yummy fried chicken and salad dinner for $5?" Blogger Down by the Hipster has the confirm, with photo evidence. [DBTH]

3) Gramercy: "I called Candela on business yesterday and they told me they are closing this weekend. Reopening in the fall as another restaurant that has not yet been decided/announced." Odd, given this Citysearch user review from a mere two days ago: "Had an 845 reservation and did not get seated till 10! without even a single apology or explanation, instead just got pushed towards the bar where a ton of other people were waiting." On second thought, everything suddenly makes sense. Calls to confirm were met with recording, "Your call has been answered by an automatic messaging system. [Candela Restaurant] is not available. at the tone, please leave your message." [Shutter Inbox]

4) Harlem: Uptown Flavor has the word on the closing of Seventh Avenue's Harlem Grill: "Word on the street is that they weren’t paying their rent?business had slowed down. The inside has been gutted." [Uptown Flavor]