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EaterWire: The Coffee Shop in Union Square Closed For Renovations & More!

UNION SQUARE—Union Square stalwart The Coffee Shop is shuttered—though only temporarily. A reader writes, "I noticed brown paper in the windows of The Coffee Shop this morning - don't know how long that's been there." A quick call to the venue confirms the eatery is closed until Saturday for renovations to the bar area. [EaterWire]

CHELSEA—A tipster with a taste for moribund matters sends the following note, "Clementine on 9th ave near the maritime hotel has 'closed by the department of health and mental hygine' [sic] signs posted in it's front windows. somone [sic] is working at a desk in the front, though. what's going to happen when one of the big boys gets shuttered? i hope it happens soon... it'll be fun to watch!" [EaterWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN EAST—Chain establishments seem to be bearing the brunt of the DOH's ire. Per a reader email, "I know it's not haute cuisine, but Au Bon Pan [sic] has been hit especially hard by the health dept crackdown. The ABP on 8th and Mercer was closed, ditto 39th and 3rd, and this morning I saw that the location on 52nd and 3rd is also shuttered. Yikes. Not sure about any of the other spots." All this trouble makes us feel bad for the faux-French bakery's franchisees. Well, almost. [EaterWire Inbox]