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The Shutter: Special Rat Fallout Edition

In the wake of last week's incredible rat infestation disaster at KFC/Taco Bell in the West Village, the Department of Health has gone on a corrective rampage, inspecting anew venues city wide and forcing the abrupt closure of food establishments that had previously passed inspection. Here now, the first shutter report on these closures.

1) John's of Bleecker: Per the above note, the legendary pizza joint has been shuttered by the DOH. Here's the text of the note:

In seems that due to the extensive media coverage of a certain fast food restaurant and the scandal surrounding the N.Y.C. dept. of health, they now are trying to save face and set examples...It seems that after 70 YEARS in business they have decided that we need a sink CLOSER TO the Pizza making area, have PROPER lids on our RESTROOM GARBAGE CANS, seal airtight, every possible crack and hole in our 150 year old basement...and MOST IMPORTANTLY keep our basement door closed...

As unbelievable as this sounds, the inspector informed us there are now NEW LAWS as of THIS WEEK and shut us we are spending our day Filling cracks and filing our paper work. We are TRULY sorry for any inconvenience and assure you we will be open a.s.a.p........

[NYP, amNY]

2) As amNY and others report, Risotteria (note pre-re-inspection performance) was also closed. Justin Silverman for am: "Another Bleecker Seatery, Risotteria, was also closed, a sign in the window stating, "we have fallen victim to the health department's zeal to cover their tracks for past sins and will have to be closed" temporarily.""

3) Blog Chelsea has it that Choux Factory on 23rd Street has been shuttered. The color: "Too bad about this place, as it was a nice, inexpensive spot to sit and have a coffee and relax for a while. One of the few places like that — outside of Starbucks — left in the neighborhood. Surely they couldn’t possibly be any worse than that rat infested KFC in the village, which passed its inspection." [Blog Chelsea]

4) Also shuttered: Blue 9 Burger in the East Village.

DOH shutterage intel right this way, if you please.