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Dept. of Health Sets Sights on Tribeca; Walker's, Kitchenette Already Shuttered

Cam phone snap of Kitchenette, shuttered by the DOH.

Confidential to Tribeca restaurant proprietors: The Department of Health is heading your way. It seems that having terrorized most points north of Canal, the DOH's health inspectors are now headed into the triangle below it. Overnight two notes of closure arrived at Eater HQ, one more terrorizing than the next. First, per the above photo evidence, hugely popular neighborhood brunch spot Kitchenette is being forced to take a DOH time-out. Second, the centenarian restaurant and local standby Walker's has been shuttered, per a field report: "just walked by Walkers on north moore on my way to the train and they are in DOH shutdown mode as of last night (per the yellow slip)." To repeat, Mr. Drew, Mr. Bouley, Mr. Murphy, the DOH is coming (if they have not already come). Please get your houses in order a-sap. Also, it's a mortal lock that Bubby's is getting shut down in the next 48 hours, so you might want to make alternate brunch plans for the weekend.

UPDATE: There will be brunch in Tribeca this weekend, after all. Bubby's has passed its inspection. From Ron Silver of Bubby's:

"It’s true that the DOH is on a rampage. They shut our Brooklyn location down just two days after the rat scare on the news. We have already been visited (two weeks ago) by the DOH and we passed our inspection, We had 21 points, 11 of which were due to the plumber working at that very moment on a hand sink, which the DOH declared was not in service. It was out of service for 15 minutes in total.

I will say that because of DUMBO, we were over in Tribeca scrubbing from top to bottom, as if we were closed down, with the same fear and intensity, and if we had not done that we would have failed absolutely.

We are very sorry for our brother and sister neighborhood establishments being effected thus, and we at Bubby’s wish all the kids at Walker’s and the ladies at Kitchenette a speedy recovery."