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Commence Resy Scalper Retreat: McNally, Meyer onto Primetime Tables

Two months after PrimeTimeTables gripped the NY restaurant scene and tore it apart all at once, it seems the resy scalper faces a rough road ahead. We're told, via anonymous informant, Danny Meyer's camp has cracked the code and scratched PTT completely off their books; Keith McNally's reservations office is onto the 'reservation service provider', too, and has already started denying entry to people who show up with PTT resies.

A note from inside McNally's camp:

here's the deal: we figured out who was calling (more or less - we're still trying to perfect it) via the following signs: (1) they kept calling in the morning - closer to opening - 30 days (the max.) in advance; (2) we started to recognize the same phone numbers that were mostly 631 area codes; (3) they didn't exactly have - for lack of a better euphamism - a solid grasp on the English language, even though it was clearly their first (making them easily distinguishable from typical callers); (4) would take whatever time we'd give them; and (5) if it's a man calling, they give a woman's first name, vice versa.

eventually, a pretty obvious pattern started to emerge. (i heard that) mcnally himself called a couple out at morandi after telling them that we couldn't find their reservation. asking who they booked it through, they gave in, and we didn't honor the reservation (goodbye, $50 res fee and registration fee).

Here's the deal: it's almost over.
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