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Deathwatch: Varietal

Join us, won't you, for a trip down Varietal memory lane? It's so pretty.

12/6/06: Varietal opens. Flo Fabbage, check.

12/20/06: First flag raised by one Steve Cuozzo in article with headline, "Eat At Your Own Risk."

1/19/07: Varietal gets Inside treatment; positive review from Dr. Vino.

3/21/07: Bruni fires up the locomotive on the Bruni Freight Train and runs it through the Varietal dining room (he one-stars the joint).

3/22/07: Jordan Khan, Varietal pastry chef, departs.

3/27/07: Ed Witt, Varietal executive chef, departs.

3/29/07:: Varietal owner Gregory Hockenberry announces that Wayne Nish will come on as head chef and pastry chef. But first, he will close the restaurant for a few days on 3/31 to overhaul the space and make it more casual.

3/29/07: Eater learns Varietal is on the market, quietly being shopped by a company called BCD, according to our sources, for a million buckaroos.

Let's not spend more time on this than we have to. Hockenberry is a nice guy and gracious host, but business is business. This game is ovah. We'll give him the summer to futz about before calling it quits for good.

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