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Dish: Fette Sau, Cheetah's, Zen Palate, Apollon, Buddha Bbeeq, Fabio Piccolo Fiore

Photo of Fette Sau by the real janelle

1) Fette Sau: Finally, after months of anticipation, we have the opening of Fette Sau, a barbecue restaurant from the folks that own beer bar Spuyten Duyvil. Some more info, courtesy of NY Mag's Rob and Robin, "The couple preserved the shop’s industrial vibe, outfitting the driveway with picnic tables and the wood-beamed, cement-floored interior with phonograph-horn light fixtures and stools fashioned from John Deere tractor seats. The centerpiece, though, is the Southern Pride gas-and-wood-fired smoker capable of slow-cooking 700 pounds of meat at a time." 700 pounds? That should sate Meehan for at least an hour. (354 Metropolitan Ave at Havemeyer St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (718) 963-3404). [NY Mag]

2) Cheetahs' Tycoon Sushi Steakhouse: If you're bored of the PG-13 sights at Hawaiian Tropic Zone, there's a new NC-17 spot nearby that may be of interest: Cheetah's Tycoon Sushi Steakhouse. From a tipster, "Apparently Cheetah’s Gentleman’s Club in Times Square will be morphing into Cheetahs' Tycoon Sushi Steakhouse starting tonight. Not only will Blue Ribbon sushi-man Shinsaku Yamakage be at hand, but patrons will have a chance to eat the fishy delights off a warm naked body—nyotaimori-style." Color: "I’m sorry, but cheesy strip club + sushi + body-food contact doesn’t exactly sound like a winning business plan. And then my unsavory male coworkers begged me to make them lunch reservations. It went a little something like this: Me: “Hello, are you offering, um, sushi for lunch yet?” Deep-voiced man (bouncer?) with ghetto accent: “Uh, you mean, the nekkid lunch? Eh yo, Carl, we doin’ the nekked sushi lunch? No? Sorry, you gonna have to call back tomorrow. I know the chef’s comin’ tomorrow. But I don’t know when the nekkid sushi goin’ be here for lunch.” *sigh* It gives a whole new meaning to fresh tuna, no?" (252 W 43rd St between Broadway and Eighth Ave, (212) 921-5274). [Eater Inbox, Urban Daddy]

3) Zen Palate: Vegetarian chain Zen Palate has a new downtown outpost. You know, for day traders who've sworn off steak. (104 John St Cliff, no phone yet) [Eater Inbox]

4) Apollon: Something—a club, a restaurant, a clubby restaurant— has opened on Steinway in Astoria. It has a kitchen, it has a bar; it goes by the name of Apollon, which sounds vaguely Greek. (22-79 Steinway St at 23rd Ave, Astoria, Queens) [Joey in Astoria]

5) Buddha BBeeQ: A new, tiny Korean restaurant has opened on the Upper East Side. From a reader, "When I say small, I mean 5 tables and more of a take out delivery place, but Buddha BBeeQ on 2nd Avenue between 91st and 92nd street is definitely the first Korean-style restaurant to come to this neighborhood. While the menu is relatively small, the options within each entrée is chicken/tofu/shrimp/beef? The food is amazing and because it’s Korean, it’s relatively one of the healthiest places to eat. Delivery service is great too?" (1750 Second Ave between 91st and 92nd Sts, (212) 348-7041). [Eater Inbox]

6) Fabio Piccolo Fiore: Italian restaurant Fabio Piccolo Fiore is open and dishing up pasta as we speak. Not much more to say about this one, aside from the fact that the chef is Fabio Hakill, formerly of Park Side, a popular restaurant in Corona, Queens and that the menu has classics such as penne alla vodka and veal scaloppine as well as a few more inventive dishes. (230 E 44th St at Second Ave, (212-922-0581). [RareDaily]