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Scam Alert:

There is a new reservation scalper in town and his name is Weekend Epicure. The service, unlike Primetime Tables, offers only weekend reservations and only for two-tops. Payment and procedure is along typical broker lines, and, like other high end services, their reservations inventory is pretty impressive—Nobu, Gramercy, Robuchon, check. And while we can debate the merits and demerits of these reservations services until the end of time, we're hearing that company may not be completely above board in a more absolute kind of way:

I'm not so sure is legit. You sign up on Wednesday for a reservation and the phone numbers they give you, etc. are false. So basically, the scam is just taking money from people who think they are getting reservations with us. It's registered to a Wayne Falkland, LLC. I've never heard about it before today, and the domain is a registered by proxy type deal.
Rest assured, the Eater Special Investigations Unit is on the case. If you've had any dealings with these guys, do let us know.
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