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Plywood Bonus: Markt's New Chelsea Home

Less than three months after shuttering on New Year's Day, Meatpacking Belgian mainstay Markt has found a new home for itself a little ways north in Chelsea. Per an absolute flood of tipster reports: a) "FYI - Saw Markt moving in just north of bed, bath and beyond on 6th avenue in chelsea"; b) "Sensa on 7th Ave and 21st is becoming the reincarnation of Markt. I walked by today and saw that the furniture was outside of the restaurant and when walking by there was a light bulb with 'Markt' on the outside for all to see"; c) "it appears markt has reappeared on the corner of 6th ave & 21st street. was allowed to peek inside was told by a construction worker that the target opening date is early this week."

One of our tipsters was kind enough to snap some photos, including the lamp, above, and two interior shots that follow just ahead.


Markt GM Beth Rogers emails Eater:

Thanks so much for your kind coverage of the Markt shutdown. It was very sad for us, especially since the restaurant was running so strong, even up to closing. (The story of our battle with the new landlord could fill volumes!)

Last week [late February] Markt's owners took ownership of the restaurant "Sensa" on 6th Avenue at 21st Street. We have plans to turn it into a Belgian brasserie like Markt, though we are currently running it as it has been (with gradual menu changes and improvements as they arise) for at least a week or so. Soon, we'll present our plans for physical changes to Landmarks, NYC Building Dept., etc., and close for construction for a month or so. Markt's executive chef is onboard, as am I (the GM,) and a retinue of Markt managers, hosts, servers and bartenders. Please email or give me at call with any questions you might have about our plans, etc.

Best regards,
Beth Rogers

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