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The Delay: Mason Bonds With Chefs and Purveyors

While we wait patiently, eagerly for Sam Mason to open his new restaurant Tailor we bring you The Delay. It's a look at the much-postponed opening, via intelligence courtesy of Sam Mason's Mutlets posts, in addition to reader tips. Have a funny Masonism you'd like to share, or some news on Tailor's progress? Don't be stingy; share the wealth.

First, some backstory. July 26th, 2006: Mason leaves wd-50 to open his own restaurant. September, October: News of Tailor appears in multiple fall preview roundups. December 21st, 2006: Mason pens his first Launch column for Mutlets, stating that the opening date for Tailor will be "late February or the beginning of March." Mason then pens ten more Launch columns, the most recent appearing last Thursday.

DATE: March 22nd, 2007
DELAY DETS: Sam Mason, having returned from SXSW, partakes in some hardcore bonding. Mainly, just shootin' the shit with new chefs Ryan Bartlow (of Gilt) and Amador Acosta (from Chicago's Alinea), ya know? "Right now we're all hanging out a lot, which is important, because I want us to be thinking the same way. And we're all working on the employee handbook, which you need to have so that there are clear guidelines about what's expected of people, what's not tolerated, and stuff like that. I'll probably be drinking some beers with them tonight." Oh, and there's also the no small matter of procuring the fruit and produce for the restaurant. Mason's got that under control as well. "Today we headed down to the Union Square Greenmarket; we need to set up our relationships with the purveyors..One thing I'm psyched about is that the good produce will have started to come in when we open?we have a lot of ideas. Ryan and Amador do too, but it'l [sic] probably be a few weeks before they start getting really creative. We'll give them enough time to get acclimated so that they can say their ideas out loud without worrying that we'll laugh at them."
THE DELAY (based upon above information): August
· Anatomy of a Delayed Opening: Sam Mason's Tailor [~E~]

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