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Plywood Report: FR.OG, Chickie Pig, Chai Midtown, ESPN Sportszone Harlem?!

1) Soho: Ply.wood FR.OG its to.wards op.ening, as seen above in a special four-way Plywood from an Eater correspondent. [PLYWOOD]

2) Lower East Side: Additional intel from Wellborn on last week's Plywood featuree Chickie Pig, the LES pizza newcomer: "The 1,400-square-foot restaurant that will sit at 121 Ludlow Street come April will serve brick-oven pizza, prosciutto balls and pistachio halvah rather than the corn dogs and hush puppies that the name brings to mind." Opening in the "next few weeks," liquor license status uncertain. [PLYWOOD]

3) Midtown West: An Eater reader emails, "Midtown West is getting a branch of the Williamsburg Thai spot Chai. Construction guys are in there now (it's on the corner of 55th and 8th Ave). I walked by it yesterday and saw a little zen pond, just like the one in Williamsburg." [PLYWOOD]

4) Harlem: Finally, if this is true, it's a real doozy: "The NE corner of 126th and Lenox, just 3 storefronts away from Starbucks, is under redeveolopment (old Mutual Life Insurance Building well known by Harlemites). It's under active redevelopment at the moment, total overhaul. A worker tells me it's planned to be an ESPN Sports Zone Bar/Cafe." [PLYWOOD?]

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