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Wolfgang Puck Goes Humane; Officially Ditches Foie, Annouces 9-Point Plan

MegaChef Wolfgang Puck, in conjunction with the Humane Society and Farm Sanctuary, announced today that Puck's various enterprises will become cruelty-free, using only those animal products that come from humane suppliers. The 9-point plan also explicitly states that Puck has eliminated foie gras from his menus and that he wil make an effort to be vegetarian friendly. Points one and five, from press materials:

1. Wolfgang Puck has now eliminated foie gras from the menu of all of its dining establishments. Foie gras is produced by force-feeding ducks or geese to the point where their livers swell up to ten times their normal size...

5. Wolfgang Puck will feature delicious vegetarian options on its menus, as many consumers who want to eat well and humanely look for these selections.

#5 is somewhere between hokey and over-the-top, but Puck has come under fire of late for his lax animal cruelty policies. So, the plan does seem a suitable, if not overly comprehensive, way to address his detractors' concerns. As for the impact on prices, per the Times, some will increase by a few percentage points.
· Celebrity Chef Announces Strict Animal-Welfare Policy [NYT]
· Animal Welfare Has a Place a Wolfgang Puck's Table [Humane Society]

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