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The Tap Project

Today is United Nations' World Water Day and in NY we're on board with The Tap Project, which is being run in conjunction with UNICEF. Dine at just about any restaurant in the city (participating restaurants) and add $1 per person to the check for the tap water you'd usually get gratis. Don't usually drink tap? Perhaps you should.

The donation will will help UNICEF save lives by providing safe drinking water to children around the world. Tap Project materials:

A little goes a long way – for example, with $1 UNICEF can provide 40 liters of safe drinking water, which is enough to give one child safe drinking water for 40 days, or forty children safe drinking water for one day. In an emergency when clean water is particularly scarce, $1 can enable UNICEF to provide 100 water purification tablets to provide safe drinking water for children in crisis situations.
· The Tap Project [official site]