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Dirt Alert: Grasshopper Found in Mangia Wrap? (You Decide! Edition)

Are you tired of the DOH? Because we're tired of the DOH. But.


First came the rats; then the glove salad. Then more rats. Now, it seems, we have the grasshoppers. Maybe. The above image was sent to the Eater Department of Foreign Substances, Forensic Investigations Unit with the following note:

My coworker discovered a grasshopper in his sandwich wrap from Mangia (the location on 57th between 5th & 6th)--it was still alive! I've found unsavory things in my food before, but this seems especially gross.
Alright, friend. We've run the pic by some Photoshop quasi-experts we know and they tell us that the image is likely authentic. That's not to say the little critter isn't a prop, so our questions are as follows: 1) Is is possible for a grasshopper to survive being packed into a Mangia wrap? 2) If the answer to the previous is yes, would the guy's limbs be quite so intact? 3) If the answer to the previous is yes, would he really sit around posing for a photo? 4) Isn't it too cold for grasshoppers by 15-20 degrees? 5) When was the last time you saw a grasshopper, alive or dead, in Manhattan? And, 6) How'd she taste?

Anyone wishing to do further examination of the original image can find it here. Do let us know what you think.

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